AFA – All Flash Array


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AFA — an All-Flash Array that you can afford with the performance and features you need.  Whether you are looking to upgrade your current AFA or you are just getting started with AFA technology, CloudProx’s Enterprise Storage Platform can help you solve your organization’s challenges.

CloudProxs Enterprise Storage Platform extracts 80% to 90% of the rated performance from each flash drive. We’ve seen six drive NVMe based AFAs deliver over 600K IOPS! The CloudProx Platform scales linearly, add more drives get the full potential of each drive you add.


  • If your organization is using mostly hard-drive-based systems or hybrid arrays, then CloudProx makes it easy to jump to all-flash technology. The price point of an CloudProx powered solution can give you easy access to the All-Flash experience. Start with as few as three drives and grow to as much capacity as you need and access millions of IOPS. Since CloudProx is a platform, you’ll be starting your organization’s storage infrastructure on a solid foundation that can address all use cases.


  • If you’ve already invested in all-flash, you’ve probably found that in your next system, you need more performance, more features, or you need to address more use cases. You probably also need to lower costs. With AFA, you buy the hardware directly from your server vendor, not a marked-up version from a storage vendor. Also, because AFA delivers 80% – 90% of the raw performance of every drive, you’ll need fewer drives, which also lowers costs, to achieve better performance.


  • Most AFA solutions are only suitable for databases or virtualized environments like VMware. They also can’t mix workloads. The AFA supports all of your use cases, including databases, virtualized environments, File sharing (NAS) via SMB and NFS protocols. AFA even supports object storage for high-performance AI and analytics processing. All these use cases share the same drives and don’t impact performance.


  • Every AFA comes with full enterprise features like RAID+, Tiering, Snapshots, and Replication. You can use all of these features with zero performance penalty.  Protect from multiple drive failures, intelligently and automatically tier to QLC or HDD, take millions of snapshots and retain them forever. For disaster recovery, AFA supports multiple types of replication to safely store your data in a remote location or even the cloud. All the features are included in the platform at no additional cost, and none of them impact performance.
  • Experience the Only All-Flash Array that does it all! The Enterprise Storage Platform powers your hardware to deliver the best possible flash experience at the lowest possible price.