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Bring Intel® Optane™ Performance of 1 million IOPS to VMware, MS-SQL, Oracle for less than the price of an All-Flash Array! Accelerate analytics, artificial intelligence, and deep learning.

AFAn – All-Flash Powered by Intel® Optane™

  • The All-Flash (AFAn) is the world’s first storage system to blend Intel® Optane™ performance with the capacity and cost-effectiveness of QLC flash drives. The AFAn is built with an Intel-branded server, using Intel® Optane™ and Intel® QLC media, and is powered by CloudProx’s Enterprise Storage Platform software. The combination delivers over one million read IOPS, and over 300,000 sustained write IOPS. The solution is feature-rich, including capabilities like protection from multiple media failure thanks to our vRAID. It also includes Snap, our snapshot technology that allows for unlimited snapshots that are retainable for years and never impact performance.