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“High-Performance Backup”

  • The performance of the backup disk target matter more than ever. Applications like Veeam, Commvault, Veritas, and EMC support instant recovery, which means the recovered application has direct access to the data it needs on the backup storage device. These backup applications expect the backup storage to perform like production storage! Backup delivers production class performance.


  • Backup storage targets need to not only provide high performance during recovery but also during the backup itself. The challenge is that instant recovery features need high-performance, random IO, while the performance requirements during backup are high-performance sequential. Backup can deliver high-performance random IO and high-performance sequential IO.


  • To keep the backup infrastructure affordable, most backup storage appliances are hard-drive-based. Most vendors, though, have given up trying to extract more performance out of HDDs. Not CloudProx. Our Enterprise Storage Platform delivers more performance per HDD than any other storage system on the market. That means high-bandwidth for backups and better IOPS for instant recovery features.


  • Want Instant Recovery that performs like production storage? Backup can support a tier of flash so that instant recoveries instantiate on flash storage while storing retained data on HDDs. Want to drive down the cost of backup infrastructure and its floor space consumption? Backup can even tier to the cloud! Backup tiering is built-in, so if your backup application can support multiple tiers or the cloud, your backup infrastructure will, thanks to Enterprise Storage Platform!


  • Hard drives fail but your backups can’t. Backup leverages the Storage Platform‘s vRAID. Now your backup disk appliance can survive multiple drive failures without data loss or a drop in performance. Since vRAID is built-in to the Storage Platform, you don’t need to pay extra for hardware-based controllers.


  • Backup is also the most cost-effective backup disk appliance on the market. Backup is software that you load onto a server of your choice. You can use drives internal to the server or attached via a SAS JBOD shelf. The Backup software is also resource efficient, it delivers better performance than most backup disk appliances but requires less from the CPU and memory.