Today’s Data & Storage Challenges

  • Continuing advances in the computing world bring a whole host of challenges and complexity to data management and storage.
  • Finding the right balance in designing and managing data storage to meet the ever-increasing demand has to take into account:

    • – Physical/Distributed Locations
    • – Performance/Resiliency
    • – Efficiency/Multi Application
    • – Endurance/Media Longevity
    • – Security/Recovery
    • – Cost/Budgetary

  • Archival vs Active – Storage requirements vary depending upon the data application, ranging somewhere between strictly archival to high-demand active data.  Finding the right solutions for today and planning toward the future is no simple task. 

CloudProx Solutions

  • To optimize your design, implementation and overall performance requires:

    • – Detailed analysis of current system demands/issues
    • – Qualified expertise to map your path to the future
    • – Solution design & implementation/change management planning
    • – Qualified ongoing support to maintain required performance

  • CloudProx provides the complete range of consultative expertise and solution design to collaborate and guide our clients to their optimal data-storage solutions. 

CloudProx Advantage

  • The CloudProx advantage is our industry-leading Turbo Storage data-management software.  When considering hardware and storage media capabilities as a constant, CLoudProx’s Turbo Storage software can improve overall performance by 2x to 10x while reducing maintenance requirements significantly.

  • CloudProx maintains a variety of vendor relationships, providing a broad range solution options without being beholden to any single supplier.  We custom tailor the ideal combinations of capacity and speed to meet your overall demands, often on an application-by-application basis.