Biggest Storage Problems

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Ransomware Recovery

  • Potentially the biggest threat facing organizations today is ransomware. While organizations should do everything possible to prevent an attack, eventually one of these malwares will slip through the cracks and may potentially encrypt all of your organization’s critical data assets. A successful ransomware recovery will save your company the cost of paying the ransom and the public embarrassment of having to admit it.
  • Successful ransomware recovery requires frequently and quickly capturing, immutable versions of data, retaining these versions for a long time, and quickly recovering the right version of data if an attack occurs. With the CloudProx Enterprise Storage Platform you can take a snapshot as frequently as every three minutes and retain that snapshot indefinitely without impacting performance. You can restore snapshots with a calendar-based interface or by searching for specific files or folders.

Upgrade Backup Storage

  • Backup Storage has to be low cost, perform well and deliver high data integrity. Modern backup software solutions now include deduplication functionality and provide a recovery-in-place capability. The inclusion of deduplication within the software means there is negative value in including it within the hardware. Recovery-in-place, or Instant Recovery, lowers the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) by instantiating virtual machines on backup storage, which then becomes primary storage.
  • IT professionals can start using CloudProx’s Enterprise Storage Platform software to drive a backup storage appliance. CloudProx’s efficiencies and cost-effectiveness enable us to deliver high capacity without deduplication, at industry-leading prices. Our ability to use 90% or more of that capacity means a minimum TCO.
  • Our ability to extract hundreds of thousands of IOPS from a small number of flash drives means very high-performance data ingest and an instant recovery experience that outperforms your production storage. And, of course, using CloudProx to drive backup storage means you have a backup storage solution with a future. You can expand its use over time to become the single platform for the enterprise. CloudProx’s efficiency allows us to address the $ per GB requirements of secondary storage and the $ per IOPS requirements of primary storage.

Tape Replacement

  • While extremely cost-effective, the TCO of tape is very high. The operational costs of operating the tape library and recalling data from it, erase any upfront savings the organization thought it would enjoy. Tape also has a significant technology refresh challenge since each new advancement in capacity requires the organization to copy data from tape to tape, which is a time-consuming and error-prone process.
  • The CloudProx Enterprise Storage Platform’s tape migration option provides almost 2PBs of capacity per 4U shelf. A turnkey 1.9PB solution is less than $150,000. This highly dense and affordable solution is the first legitimate tape replacement option. It leverages our vRAID technology to provide better redundancy than tape, our Snap to provide better data protection than tape, and our Replicate to digitally copy data off-site replacing the high fees associated with manual data transport.

Data Archive

  • Your NAS may have some life left in it or years left on the maintenance contract but the cost and time to add capacity to it has you looking for a new solution. What if you could offload the inactive data to a high-capacity NAS solution? You would be able to lower the cost of your NAS infrastructure, reduce the cost of your backup infrastructure, and lay the groundwork for your next-generation NAS solution.
  • With CloudProx, you can archive your old data from your existing NAS solution to CloudProx’s Archive NAS solution. Our low-cost, dense-capacity storage solutions deliver almost 2PBs of capacity in a 4U enclosure. Our Snap and Replicate technologies mean that you don’t have to include archive data in your backups. There is even an option to copy all NAS data to CloudProx, eliminating difficult NAS backups.