Maximum Data Protection

Enterprise Storage Platform

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Cacheless Architecture

  • Because of their software inefficiencies, most storage systems require a write cache to compensate. A write cache acknowledges writes in RAM before they are safely stored on persistent media. Because of RAM’s volatility, these vendors need to use expensive and low-capacity capacitor-backed products, which minimize effectiveness. CloudProx’s storage engine’s efficiency enables our DirectWrite architecture which provides extreme performance without a risky cache.

Fastest RAID Rebuilds

  • Legacy storage solutions use off-the-shelf obsolete RAID or Erasure Coding algorithms. RAID limits drive redundancy potential and Erasure Coding impacts protection performance. CloudProxs vRAID is a completely new set of algorithms designed to deliver industry-leading performance, and the fastest RAID rebuilds without impacting performance.

Ransomware Proof!

  • Ransomware changed disaster recovery planning forever. Now you need frequent data protection intervals, immutable storage of protected copies, rapid identification of “clean” data, AND rapid recoveries. CloudProx’s Snap combined with Replicate (both included in the Enterprise Storage Platform) eliminates the ransomware risk. With Snap and Replicate, you can recover back to 1 minute before the attack occurred.