Minimum TCO

Enterprise Storage Platform

Minimum TCO | Maximum Storage Protection | Optimal Workload

90% Capacity Utilization

  • Most storage solutions can only run at 60% capacity utilization prior to suffering a performance impact. CloudProx can run at 90% utilization with NO performance impact. That is 300TBs more storage per PB!

Less Flash – More Performance

  • Most All-Flash Arrays need 24 to 48 drives to obtain the performance that CloudProx can deliver with SIX! Our industry-leading capacity and performance efficiency delivers the lowest all-flash array TCO in the industry and makes hybrid possible. Learn how “Maximum Drive Performance Can Lower Storage TCO”

Future Proof – No Migrations

  • Most data centers face a storage refresh every three to four years, creating a massive spike in storage TCO. With CloudProx, you can put an end to storage refreshes permanently. Our efficiency extracts a longer life from today’s hardware and when the time comes to replace it, all upgrades are non-disruptive and migration-free. Learn “How to Stop Storage Migrations.”