Optimal Workload Placement

Enterprise Storage Platform

Minimum TCO | Maximum Storage Protection | Optimal Workload

  • Per workload data management policies – Dedicate some workloads, like databases, to flash, others, like Vmware to flash and hard disk, and others, like archive, to be hard disk only. All data movement is automatic, seamless, and transparent with Tier.

  • Per workload data protection – All data is not created equal. With WOG each workload receives the precise level of data protection it needs. Each workload can be set to different drive redundancy settings, while using the same drives. With Snap, Data protection is per workload. Set different protection intervals and data retention policies for each use case. With Replicate, IT can set different levels of business continuity per workload. Mission-critical workloads can synchronously replicate within the data center or campus and then replicate to a DR site. IT can set other workloads to replicate asynchronously to a disaster recovery site or the cloud. Learn how to lower workload availability costs by reading “The Requirements for Extreme Availability.”

  • Per workload location managementCloudProx runs easily in multiple data centers and in the cloud. With WOG, you can instantly move workloads between data centers for a “follow the sun” model or “burst” to the cloud to address peak demands. Azure, our first cloud solution, provides seamless data movement between on-premises and the cloud.

All Workloads – One Platform

  • Thanks to CloudProx’s efficiency, you can support all workloads on a single storage platform. Start with your most pressing storage challenge while laying the foundation for complete storage consolidation, which delivers minimal TCO and maximum data protection. Our workload operational granularity means you can consolidate workloads without compromising performance or scalability.

All Media – AFA – Hybrid – HDD – Cloud

  • The efficient CloudProx platform supports a variety of hardware configurations both on-premises or in the cloud. It can meet the needs of performance-demanding workloads with an all-flash array configuration. Mainstream workloads can run on hybrid systems to further lower TCO and provide greater scalability. Capacity-centric workloads like backup, archive, and video surveillance can leverage hard disk-based systems. Most importantly, you can start with one workload on one class of media, and dynamically add different media types to address new workloads in the future.

All Protocols

  • Optimal Workload Placement also means protocol flexibility. You can move workloads seamlessly from Fibre Channel and iSCSI. The CloudProx Enterprise Storage Platform’s NAS support includes NFS and SMB as well as S3/Object. When new protocols or standards come out, you won’t have to buy another storage stack, instead, you’ll automatically get support as we upgrade the platform. We’ve proven this with our support of NVMe-oF; as the platform updates, new protocols are available without any changes.


  • Most data centers face a storage refresh every three to four years, creating a massive spike in storage TCO. With CloudProx, you can put an end to storage refreshes permanently. Our efficiency extracts a longer life from today’s hardware and when the time comes to replace it, all upgrades are non-disruptive and migration-free. Learn “How to Stop Storage Migrations.”