Biggest Storage Problems

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Address Hardware Availability

  • Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, flash media suppliers were barely keeping up with demand. The COVID-19 shutdown and rapid re-emergence from it has pushed availability to 12 weeks or more. The additional activities of Bitcoin Mining and Chia Planting and Harvesting are further stretching supply. Hardware vendor selection may now come down to who can supply it. CloudProx’s Enterprise Storage Platform has the ability to mix and match server and media vendors and technologies, giving you the flexibility to go with the vendor with the best availability. Our efficiency also means that you can breathe new life into old hardware, enabling you to reduce your hardware demand for the next few years.

Develop a Cloud Strategy

  • Almost every organization is looking to leverage the cloud for its business. Some organizations want to move all workloads to the cloud. Others want to transfer new workloads to the cloud and still, other organizations want to use the cloud for disaster recovery or backup and archive. The problem is how to execute these strategies while maintaining on-premises operations. The CloudProx Enterprise Storage Platform is Cloud Ready!  An instance of the Platform can run in the cloud and connect to an on-premises instance. Data can move seamlessly between those two locations thanks to our workload operational granularity. With CloudProx, you can permanently move workloads to the cloud, burst them to the cloud for peak workload processing, or use the cloud as a DR and archive location. It’s all seamless and defined per workload.

Implement DR Strategy

  • Different workloads need different levels of business continuity. Treating them all the same wastes IT budget and complicates disaster recovery operations. Using CloudProx’s workload operational granularity enables IT to create an optimum level of data protection and continuity for each workload. The Enterprise Storage Platform’s ability to address all workloads simplifies disaster recovery by consolidating all recovery operations under a single interface. The result is lower disaster recovery TCO and better recovery results.

Build a Consolidated Strategy

  • The most expensive aspect of any storage infrastructure TCO calculation is the cost of managing disparate storage systems. The situation is worse today than it was even five years ago, with many data centers supporting six or more storage systems, each for different use cases. The diversity of storage systems is the result of the inefficient and obsolete storage code bases that storage vendors use to race their products to market. CloudProx’s Enterprise Storage Platform is the result of eight years of storage re-development. CloudProx rewrote the old algorithms and flattened the old storage IO stack to extract maximum performance and capacity from every component. It also leverages an IO Orchestration engine so our data services can execute without impacting performance. As a result, CloudProx’s platform is the foundational component of a storage consolidation strategy. However, unlike other consolidation solutions, CloudProx can start as the most basic point solution, addressing your most pressing storage problem and then, enable you to strategically expand the environment into a complete storage consolidation solution.