Biggest Storage Problems

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CloudProx’s Enterprise Storage Platform addresses today’s challenges and is fully ready for the unknown challenges of tomorrow. The platform allows you to integrate new hardware on your timetable and benefit from its full capabilities immediately. The CloudProx Enterprise Storage Platform, thanks to our workload operational granularity, can solve your most pressing problem today and then lay the groundwork to solve any of the other problems listed below in the future.

Upgrade VMWare Storage

  • Organizations are looking to lower the cost, improve their data protection and make sure they can maintain the performance of their VMware environments as they continue to scale. They are also looking for an easy way to move some of them to the cloud.
  • Most storage vendors, because of their dependency on the obsolete legacy storage stack, have to convince you that an All-Flash Array is your only option. CloudProx, however, is proving that Hybrid Storage can deliver better performance while dramatically lowering costs and providing an industry best level of data protection.

NAS Refresh

  • Legacy NAS solutions force organizations to refresh their NAS infrastructure because of their inability to scale and deliver maximum bandwidth. Organizations now need to scale from 100TBs to double-digit PBs in a single storage solution. Legacy NAS vendors try to convince you that scale-out is a must so they can try to hide their inefficiencies.
  • CloudProx’s Enterprise Storage Platform is a distributed architecture that can scale to 30PBs and deliver 30+ GBs of bandwidth from a two-node cluster. The result is a lower upfront cost, with minimum TCO and maximum data protection for all your NAS workloads.

Eliminate Database Latency

  • Today, database designers load their servers with large quantities of RAM, which means most of the IO going to storage is write traffic. These workloads need a storage system that delivers high write IOPS at very low latencies.
  • The CloudProx Enterprise Storage Platform can deliver over 300K IOPS in write performance at latencies lower than .25 milliseconds. Our database storage solutions are less expensive than any other high-performance database solution on the market and provide the best data protection on the market. The CloudProx database solution provides protection against node loss, media loss, data loss, and site loss. With Azure, applications can easily move to the cloud for additional processing power. And because they are powered by the CloudProx platform, our database solutions can easily expand to address more workloads in the future.

Store Surveillance Data

  • Video surveillance data is a fast-growing area of storage that is quickly becoming the responsibility of IT so the organization can make sure it is retained and protected. The capacity requirements of this data demand low cost but the increasing legal and operational benefits of retaining it require high data integrity.
  • CloudProx’s Enterprise Storage Platform can store this data very cost-effectively, but our data protection capabilities ensure that it is cost-effectively retained while also maintaining the highest data integrity. Our vRAID technology protects against multiple, simultaneous media failures and provides the fastest rebuilds in the industry, even when using high-capacity drives.