Cloud Architecture / Implementation / Support

Adjusting budgets with a view to cost savings

  • Data center costs can be dramatically reduced as companies shift to all-flash storage for active data.

Building resilience

  • Additional application performance is needed to allow for peak user response times and the low latencies required by dependent systems.

Multi-Cloud flexibility with colos evolving

  • The evolving and crucial role of colocation data centers will provide enterprises with substantial savings relative to an all-elastic cloud strategy.

Strengthen Change Management

  • Having access to enterprise applications from home offices or mobile environments, flexibility of systems facilitates change management and delivers business agility.

Planning regional data centers for 5G

  • With edge computing forecasted to dwarf data and storage currently in place, expect that regional data centers will have increased importance in both consumer and industrial IoT plans.

Defending against Ransomware

  • New requirements to combat ransomware necessitate immutable incremental backup, constant monitoring and up-to-date malware detection. Additional data storage may be needed to ensure 99.9999% uptime, which recent data breaches have proven extremely difficult to achieve.

Implementing economical DR for Multi-Cloud

  • With the security of corporate digital assets more important than ever, an economical multi-cloud strategy allows for data backup and secure access, regardless of application or mix of use profiles.

Keep emerging tech in view

  • New technologies surface weekly and maintaining a roadmap is key to deriving full benefit from those that represent a competitive advantage for your enterprise.