Software Innovation at CloudProx:

Customer Experience Improvement Focus: Whether you are scaling out FAST Data Management solutions as large shared Data Center Infrastructure services deployed as SAN Arrays or, you are looking to speedup CX write performance and reduce CX latency for data flowing to existing Data Server DAS, CloudProx has a TurboStorage Solution to speed up Customer Experience writes and shorten workload completion times, so your business and customers will always Finish First Every Time.

Our Story : 

The TurboStorage Software innovation we know today can trace it’s technology roots to the very beginning of the early Data Center FLASH Storage industry, more recently driven by the rise of Cloud Computing. 

Just after 2006, when the forerunner to TurboStorage was created and patented before any other significant FLASH technology in use today, the original software implementation was licensed to an early FLASH vendor who became the VERY first FLASH SAN array implementation in the industry in 2009.


 At that time, the inventor, a single, senior very accomplished systems level real time programmer, who still supports CloudProx today, embarked on an applied research journey at that time, to advance the write amplification efficiency of that early market leading fast data management solution for FLASH to also support not only Intel/AMD 64bit processors, but also support RISC64bit processors as well as CMR and SMR hard drive technologies from WDC and Seagate.

 Although the original licensing of that forerunner technology was retired by another vendor’s license in 2012, which ironically turned out was less capable and, was deemed defunct by their acquirer in 2015, the inventor relented, creating additional improvements to that forerunner technology. Despite that early commercial setback and Inspired by the forerunner code early success and reliability (5 years without data loss at a FT 100 customer), the inventor persisted, setting out to improve what were clearly a VERY new, unique and seminal fast data management innovation for FLASH and also hard drive media, where the inventor continued working in 100% C language to create a brand new plug-in fast data management software capability in Linux Kernel Module form. 

That next generation ‘LKM’ Linux Kernel Module created by the inventor, has been uniquely crafted to have the read/write data flows mapped with innovative patented lookup table assistance in memory to the media, which is system bus and also iSCSI and NVME over Fabric mapped to the inventor’s innovative patented physical media formatting and RAID Stripe matching scheme, which supports time stamped per session meta data for each session block. 

This break through in overall write speed due to linearization of data with 2X less write amplification, is a result of the inventor’s improved overall write algorithm, which removes unnecessary write steps for different flash ‘in-band’ and ‘out of band’ tasks to create an industry first unique 2X Write Amplification reduction advantage over all other flash write methods. 

The inventor’s ‘Write Amp’ breakthrough achieved in 2016, effectively created a new set of patented fast data management capabilities for Linux, a set of new Linux Fast Data Management LKM and FLASH media formatting methods combined with the inventor’s advances in system hardware compression utilization and unique ‘scale out”, ‘Flash Translation Layer in System RAM’ SAN Array support, created a new set of amazing breakthrough FLASH write acceleration innovations which now support all popular Linux File systems and RAID data protection schemes, implemented and now available in CloudProx TurboStorage SAN Array Appliances as well as CloudProx Integrated TurboStorage Software for HCI and DAS Linux powered system forms.

Through CloudProx Release Management  QA Testing and Support, the invention embodied in TurboStorage supports the three leading LTS Linux Editions, RHEL, SLE and Ubuntu. TurboStorage also supports the most recent stable edition, built and tested for both IA64bit and RISC64bit architectures, designed to support standard CloudProx certified and OTS ‘Off the Shelf’ FLASH drives from leading vendors such as Micron. Samsung and Kioxia. 

Later in 2016, shortly after the inventor’s breakthrough in Write Amp reduction improvements, CloudProx was formed and since then, we have both encouraged and commercially engaged the inventor to embody and optimize those new fast data management advancements, to this day.

CloudProx has added additional Multi-Tenant capable DC Operations Tools to the TurboStorage solution sets containing the inventor’s innovations, new FLASH Management Tools which help to speed and automate the Operator’s ability to install, monitor, log and expand session block volume capacity of the inventor’s innovations for OTS vendor SATA and NVME FLASH storage offers.

As such, today the inventor’s break through innovations for Linux Powered FLASH Systems are now sold and supported as CloudProx TurboStorage Hardware Appliances, deployed as SAN Arrays by DC Service Operators in Colocation facilities in North America.

CloudProx next gen ‘Fast Data Asset’ innovations for Linux are also increasingly being licensed to OEMs and ODMs as well as Large SaaS Providers in CloudProx Integrated TurboStorage Software Solution form, where Integrated TurboStorage is now jointly custom integrated and deployed into their 3rd party DAS and HCI Linux Server designs to Turbocharge their service infrastructures and their FLASH storage hardware platforms with CloudProx TurboStorage‘s industry leading Fast Data Asset write speeds, drive durability and power savings.