David Bruce
Rob Reive
Dave Butler

Dave is the Lead Business Development Executive advising and connecting the CEO to CloudProx USA FT 100 and Federal Government Opportunities for TurboStorage as well as advising the CEO on Go To Market Strategies to effectively market learn and reach the SuperSaaS, HyperScaler Cloud Market Segments.

Rob currently fills the Chief Operating Officer Role overseeing TurboStorage Product Management and Marketing as well as providing technical, QA and back office direction and strategy. Rob is also currently the first point of contact for new and emerging partnering interactions for MSPs, SIs and DC Operators serving the Enterprise, SuperSaaS Providers and Cloud Service Provider markets.  

David is the Founder, CEO of CloudProx contributing massively as the lead senior technical expert and value add developer of TurboStorage Fast Data Management Solutions. David oversees related Performance Efficiency Validation and Customer Experience Value Delivery with Partners for SAN Array, DAS, HCI FLASH Appliance and Integrated Software for Linux FLASH Server variants of TurboStorage.