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Planning Success

Designing Success into your TurboStorage Customer Experience and Workload Solution Accelerations

Cleary defining your Customer Experience and Workload  Write Speed improvement Requirements puts you at the starting line, ready to Turbocharge your Business into the lead with TurboStorage. You know your IT end to end dataflows from the user or workload to the data store locations best. At CloudProx we work with you and your Partner to design the best possible Customer Experience speed up of your Linux Server Infrastructure via TurboStorage 

Designing Success into your TurboStorage Customer Experience Accelerations

Customer Experience Accelerations for customers and internal end users as well as IT and Operations staff will mean:


prioritizing and then designing those parts of your IT infrastructure transforms to TurboStorage powered Linux Servers to best serve each group’s need.


Profiling the dataflow IOPS for writes and reads, matched to different File System use and,


understanding the size and frequency of the data block writes in each flow, 


all of which will reveal how best to setup TurboStorage to:


Maximize and balance your desired write speed performance




Maximum desired media drive durability 




Minimum desired power consumption


for each group looking to gain a big Customer Experience advantage by employing TurboStorage as a Fast Data Asset.

Engineering shorter completion times for important Customer Experience Application workloads means:

clearly documenting the latencies currently understood in each step of your workload’s read and write data flows.

Once your business latencies are clearly understood per workload,

TurboStorage can be configured to maximize your workload data write speed by as much 14X versus existing vendor flash systems by:

properly balancing drive count and size


Compute and/or Data Store node core and RAM

 so as to efficiently assign:

 the amount of RAM and cores 


as well as 


the maximum use of unassigned free space reserved for TurboStorage 


to ensure your Customer Experiences and your application workloads 


Finish First Every Time.