TurboCharging the FAST Data Management of FLASH Storage

At CloudProx, we’re redefining how FAST your Data reads and writes can actually be on existing FLASH storage. Our innovative Linux-based software is designed to 2X reduce the write steps used to re-organize blocks so drive media lasts longer and your CX and workload reads and writes stay fast even as the drives fill up with data, to finally unlock the full performance potential of modern ‘Off the Shelf’ FLASH storage drives. TurboStorage’s break through Fast Data Management efficiency innovations means Linux Servers equipped with TurboStorage Software create at a minimum, 2X Faster User Experiences and reduce Application Workload execution by at least 2X, while 2X prolonging FLASH media life and 2X reducing FLASH storage power consumption

CloudProx’s Vision is to see TurboStorage become the DC Operator and MSP’s Fast Data Asset of choice, Turbocharging Linux Storage everywhere.

Our TurboStorage technology is a game-changer. By addressing the inefficiencies in traditional SSD operations, we offer a remarkable 50% increase in usable storage and a 400% boost in write speeds. This isn’t just about numbers; it’s about empowering your organization to effortlessly handle your ever-growing data volumes while increasing service and system performance.