TurboStorage 2X increases drive durability by reducing the the number of writes required by 2X for both ‘in-band” data writes, using both time stamped meta data per session write and grouping like session block methods to efficiently write 64k block padded to fit exactly Patented TurboStorage formatted media page sizes and raid stripes

methods which also speed data writes by at least 4X versus existing FLASH write methods. 

TurboStorage’s unique patented 2X less ‘write amplification ‘ is manifested in real time system RAM to efficiently make use of unassigned drive space so as to aggressively by 2X reduce :

wear levelling write count to avoid loss of charge threshold ‘bit rot’ of media as it wears out from writes

defragmentation write count  to keep session data blocks together to dramatically speed read &writes

garbage collection write count which deletes aged data no longer required by the session owner 

Consider this fact: TurboStorage can save a DC Operator of Storage Infrastructure from replacing their SSDs four times in the course of five years of operation. For example, a simple Server configuration with 8TB DAS with 4X 2TB  NVME drives, times the number of systems and multiplied by the number of drive replacements forecast in 5 years is the math to determine the savings. For those big Super SaaS players with 50,000 servers strung out across 60+ Data Centers, the TurboStorage Write Amplification reduction enabled savings are huge, so huge the SSD Supply side savings in this example are US $ 2.5 Billion, garnered over 5 years. 

Of course if you have small payloads which are workload written often, the savings are closer to 2X using TurboStorage versus using standard RAID NVME  DAS server hardware configurations. If you have large payload sizes written regularly by your workloads the savings are 4X, 6X as much as 10X larger as the file size gets bigger and the frequency of writes get smaller. 

Durability of FLASH drives seriously impacts the bottom line big time. TurboStorage’s unmatched Drive Durability matters big time, IF you are looking to improve your bottom line SSD Supply Chain Savings in a BIG way.