Saving Power

With TurboStorage having patented advantages with priority dating back to August of 2006, CIOs can be sure they will significantly reduce  a workload’s number of write steps required when moving or erasing  workload data blocks on flash. These extra writes are reduced by TurboStorage by 2X  to support  2X faster  defrag, garbage collect and media wear leveling operations, write reductions  which also extend drive life by at least 2X and saves any CIO at least 50%  of the energy needed to electrically write and store new  or updated data to their flash Storage Arrays in their Data Center.

To date no other vendor selling and supporting FLASH DAS or SAN Array storage solutions to the CIO’s Data Centers can match TurboStorage Power Efficiency.

Also TurboStorage ensures workload data blocks  are delivered to the upstream compute systems operating database, Big Data, Application and Web UI/UX servers and processes 2X faster, meaning these ‘upstream’  compute systems  also reduce their idle time by 2X, foregoing the need to 3X or even 4X over provision such systems which are ‘scale up’ constrained, to also reduce the CIO’s Data Center Power Bill by having these systems handle more workload data i/o streams in parallel, thus reducing compute system overall ‘over provisioning’ spend  made to service workload activity peaks by at least 25% or even 50%.