Speeding Remote Access

= Balancing Session Speed vs Total Session Capacity with TurboStorage @ Scale

CIOs, by matching their busy VDI VM ‘Remote Corporate Desktop’ Sessions to TurboStorage configured Block Volumes, will 2X improve the Write IOPS speed of each Remote VDI Session.

CIO’s opting for TurboStorage Appliances with more lower capacity SDDs can also effectively 2X increase Individual VDI VM Write Speeds by using more 4TB SSDs with the same overall capacity of fewer 16TB SSDs, since these smaller drives are 4X faster.

Additional OPEX Cost Saving BENEFITS for VDI Session Hosting Compute Servers:

With 2X Faster Per session TurboStorage Write Speeds, CIOs can now easily Increase the number of VDI VMs per Compute Server 25%, by simply reducing RAM per VM by 25% ie instead of 8GB per session use 6GB. The Compute Server Host OS is configured using the Linux SWAP command to effectively direct VM Guest OS VRAM paging to TurboStorage ‘VRAM Reserved’ Block Volumes, which are read retrieved with no end user perceivable delay. 

As such, CIOs will improve VDI Price/Performance by 25% or more, so their organization’s remote workforce CX reads and writes Finish First Every Time.