Your Customer Experience Need for TurboStorage Speed: Just like F1 Racing

In today’s ultra-competitive world of ‘Online Everything’, the speed and delight of your Customer Experience ‘CX’ presented online, by your business, to your users, is directly related to the speed and durability of your online system’s FAST Data Storage Write Capability.

Clearly, how fast or slow your End User or Workload jobs write Data to Storage can mean the difference between your business’s online success and failure. 

Many IT organizations, however, have not kept up with the performance demands of their customers or key staff. These days, a few seconds delay in user response or slow job completions serving business and operations analytics and reporting can mean much lost business, poor ROI and higher staff turnovers. 

Most all of the ‘write delay’ problems slowing your online success in todays fast paced Information race can be traced to big Linux ‘write to storage’ performance inefficiencies found deep with in your online system’s IT storage infrastructure. CIOs and CTOs can read more about standard Linux data write to storage woes here.

Fortunately, CloudProx has a revolutionary, patented, Linux FAST Data Solution, TurboStorage, which ensures your key customer applications and IT workloads write their data to ‘Off the Shelf’, low cost Flash Storage Systems 2X faster than the competition at half the cost.

TurboStorage 2X superior CX Write Speeds & 2X better patented Write Efficiencies slash your IT Infrastructure and related IT operations costs by 50% or more, to ensure your CX Data Writes Finish Every Time, delivering the Best Customer Experience with the best IT spend ROI.

So don’t stand still, get in touch to learn how our TurboStorage “FAST Data Asset” can Turbocharge your existing IT Infrastructure to deliver the Best Customer Experience possible.

The CloudProx Advantage

Going Faster is Always Better, especially when it comes to getting your data when you need it. TurboStorage’s FAST DATA Manager configures your user’s data access to ensure the Best Customer Experience possible. 

TurboStorage patented, efficient Fast Data Management software for Linux Servers ensures your Customer Experiences & Application Workloads

Finish First every time.

Finish First Everytime

Update your existing Linux Storage Systems with TurboStorage to Turbocharge your Customer Experience Now!